Company delivers solutions that allow you to always be online, updated and secure!


About offers IT solutions to ensure that your company's technologies are always available and secure as your business demands. We understand that technology is a fundamental part of business, but also that the infrastructure that supports it must be transparent to those who consume it. That's what we offer!

Our purpose is to deliver the best service experience, ensure that your business is safe from digital threats at all points, through the availability of data and services, vulnerability protection, information integrity and scalability of the growing size of your business.

In 2017, S2IT goes through a process of specialization, focusing on software development...

...and transferring the IT infrastructure projects, operations and support area to the command.

Then it's born with the expertise of more than 20 years of S2IT plus the know-how of the Fast Track Ventures, to provide customers a new experience to provide qualified technical support...

...and with high level of operational process automation and monitoring.

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