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What we protect

Any situation that makes your business vulnerable and compromises your business results!

Our services

We offer solutions that allow you to always be online, updated and secure

  • Backup Box

Installation, copy, recovery and real time following up: Backup Box is secure and simple like that!


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Cloud Migration Box

Choosing which cloud is the best option to take care of your business can be complex, but with the Cloud Migration Box there is no bad weather!


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Continuous Security Box

Continuously monitor your IT assets to identify vulnerabilities that can be discovered by attackers.


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Your database can be your competitive advantage. How are you taking care of your information?


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Disaster Recovery Box

Disasters happen, but you can reduce financial impacts and the loss of your business information with the Disaster Recovery Box.


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Endpoint Protection Box

Have appropriate strategies to protect your information is the best way for your business.


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Firewall Box

Make Firewall Box the first line of defense for your business!


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Infra Box

Intelligent IT infrastructure is one that fits your business needs and supports your business objectives.


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My Project Box

Finding custom solutions for a safer project has never been easier!


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Poseidon Box

Prevent unwanted attacks and avoid leaking your data with the Poseidon Box!


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Our offers are based on the SECaaS (Safety as a Service) model and based on the concept of layered security.

Digital businesses are increasingly suffering from threats that can affect or even destroy a company.

Here, we use the layered security strategy that protects key entry points for threats with different security technologies. This model reduces the risks of your business suffer unauthorized access to the network and your data.

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Simple, practical and efficient.